(The short version)

The story of Akronym started back in the summer of 2013 with the purchase of a Brew Magic brew system. Though Shawn and Josh — friends since grade school — had been home brewers for quite some time, the new toy revived their passion and changed everything. Enter Aaron, a friend and fellow cyclist, who began brewing alongside and brought some of his engineering and technical background.

few months later, while imbibing some festive fall beer at a local watering hole, inspiration struck them. By that time, several beers had been brewed on the Brew Magic and it was time to come up with some names. It seemed that everything they came up with led them to various acronyms. With a simple letter change to reflect their community, Akronym Brewing was born.

Fast forward to 2016: the search for a proper place to locate the brewery had begun in earnest.  It was essential that the brewery be located in Akron; it was a challenge, but eventually, we found the ideal location at 58 East Market Street in downtown Akron. Connecting with the Akron community will be an essential philosophy of Akronym Brewing, so being part of the redevelopment of downtown became another driving force in choosing the location.

After securing the desired location and lease, the original three Akronym founders found their missing and final piece of the puzzle — Kevin. A lifelong friend of Josh and Shawn, Kevin was a craft beer enthusiast residing in Minnesota but planning a move back to his home state of Ohio. With Kevin on board, the Akronym prologue was complete.  The rest of the story awaits!

The last part of our story is written by you, the craft beer drinkers! Cheers!