Seasonal Cocktail Menu

Of course we have awesome beer, but did you know about our delicious seasonal craft cocktails? We feature some fantastic local spirits including Watershed Vodka/Bourbon/Gin [out of Columbus,OH], & 3Bines Hopped Whiskey [out ofAkron, OH]!
Bine St.
3Bines Hopped Whiskey/fresh lemon/simple/merlot float.

Watershed Specialty Lemonade
Watershed vodka/strawberry or blueberry purree/fresh lemon/soda.

Industry Mule
Watershed vodka/lime juice/ginger beer/Fernet Branca.

Peachy Keen
Watershed Gin/elderflower/peach bitters/soda.

Seasonal Sangria
White grape & peach juice/prosecco/triple sec/berries.

Main St. Manhattan
Watershed bourbon/sweet vermouth/ango bitters.